Press revue: Solexia on the front page

They are Solexia's dynamism actors, and even if they are more on the road or on the field than out in cocktails, Hervé Kratiroff and Eric Versini get talked about. Also, when they are in the spotlight, it is always for a good cause: their companies and acquisitions in progress. Here are business, financial, national and regional press opinions:

"At a regular rate of one acquisition a year, the regional company Solexia drives on its way, in a total respect of the immutable rules that it had set itself: buy companies with strong know-how, financially healthy, offering traditional products in a niche market, and closer in off to the head office in Lyon, to conserve a close management. All of this at the service of a smart growth and deep human values."
"Mr. Kratiroff et Versini are still interested in companies doing original activities. "Une Fleur en Plus" imports and trades artificial flowers, which became an essential element of interior decoration in Europe. Stocking up in China, the company makes compositions for discount stores and garden centers. Solexia's project consists in first place in repairing the seasonality of the sales and expanding the commercial network."
"Production is achieved by some manufacturers specialized in cutlery, matching with the company know-how. A change driven by the international concurrence that worked : the revenue increased from €3.6 million in 2003 to €6.3 million in 2009. A real performance in a traditional property market in times of crisis… With its financial good health, its stable products and its secured customers, Jodas matches with all Solexia's criteria."
"New purchase for the Lyonnais Solexia. This independent industrial holding company offers itself the cutler Jodas, in Thiers, which belonged to the eponym founder family since 1948… The company meets at any point the criteria set by the purchaser for the 6 previous acquisitions: "a niche market, customers' diversification and a great profitability."

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