Growth as an independence motor

Founded in 2003 by Hervé Kratiroff, joined by Eric Versini as a Managing Director and partner in 2008, Solexia relies on a network of local SMEs with high potential. Thanks to its development strategy, focused on companies positioned in niche trades mainly in Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne, Solexia continues to grow in a diversification based on ethical and moral imperative of human values, while preserving its independence, and thus its flexibility and freedom.

Total involvement for development

Solexia, through its leaders, has the particularity of being operationally involved in acquired SMEs and not to exclude any sector of traditional economics. Investments are usually a majority, supporting daily actions and enhancing the sustainability of the companies.

Close to the companies, in the heart of the teams

Solexia's economic model relies on a thinking of common sense and a reading grid considering all criteria of possibly acquired companies. It starts with obviousness: we succeed only in what we control. By the time spent, the energy deployed, by the skills used and the resources invested. That is why the two leaders are personally involved in each one of the companies they are managing. Far from the pension funds image, Solexia uses a set of means that have made its success: close to the companies, in the heart of the teams. Hervé Kratiroff and Eric Versini are in their companies every week and work closely with their teams.

A strong position, legitimized over time

Then, and it is one of their success recipes: Solexia is only interested in financially healthy companies, with an SME profile (from 50 to 60 people, with €3 million to €15 million revenue), positioned on a niche market and not subjected to cyclicity. Another criterion to add is that these companies must be located around Lyon (less than 2 hours drive), for a greater proximity, obvious in the need of their management, that they run themselves.

Future is written with upcoming partners

In these conditions, to stay ever close to their activities, the two leaders are willing to consider all proposals for acquisitions. Solexia's potential is far from being achieved and the current decade has every reason to be rich and promising.


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