A matter of people, a matter of conviction

Often decried in our country, company can be considered as a miniature model of society where everyone has a place, where working is a source of fulfillment and where profit must be shared, to live in harmony, in a whole, and with the environment. In our case, I will add important elements that are traditions and the company's soils.

A company network in the heart of regions

That is probably the factor connecting the various entities that makes Solexia and builds its genetic: companies anchored in their land, loyal to know-how and proud of being a part of their activities' repute. Whether it is delicatessen with Salaisons du Val d'Allier, poultry with Vey, ornamental flowers with Une fleur en plus, or cutlery with Jodas, each one of these companies occupies its niche and shows requirements of quality, based on legitimacy of experience.

Each company plays its own music

I think that I can be compared to a conductor who lets everyone play its partition, depending on well-defined criteria: careful selection of raw materials, integration of the production line, compliance with the commitments, and concern about customer relationships. As a concert, successful business is not possible, and complete, if not carried by all the actors involved. That is the reason why Solexia is not like the others, lead by a great conviction, where the connection between companies is made of a well-built management, as well as dynamism of their staff and healthiness of their clients.

A human and sustainable development

Solexia took shape over the previous decade by investing in various sectors, although ever in line with the market expectations, with a will clearly displayed: success must be compatible with a human and sustainable development. We intend to consolidate that challenge in the next ten years.

Shared values, a tree as a symbol!

Because we have ties related to soils, shared values of respect and solidarity, because team spirit makes progress and success possible, Solexia tree is the best symbol.


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